Travel Tips: 6 Reasons You Should Travel Now

by Cher

6 reasons you should travel now

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There are so many reasons why people travel. Some people want to de-stress themselves from work for a short while. Others are seeking to heal their broken hearts. Others just want long and winding road trips, while some just can’t get enough of food tasting.

It is never a mistake to go on a few trips from time to time. Whether you are alone, with your partner, family or friends, you should reward yourself with something you have never done before. Try eating some food you didn’t know exist, gliding through the air like a superhero on zip line, diving from a 7-foot cliff to a crystal clear sea, reaching a mountain summit victoriously, or simply watching the sunset on a fine white-sand seashore.

I bet you are thrilled to travel as soon as possible, and I suppose you’re thinking how much it is going to be. Well, here are 6 reasons you should not worry about spending and why you should start planning your trip now:

1. Cheap Airfares

Cheap airfares - 6 reasons you should travel now

Okay. So who does not panic when Cebu Pacific and Air Asia announce their promo? Believe it or not, you can fly round-trip to Visayas or Mindanao with a thousand pesos.

2. Cheap Travel Packages

Cheap travel packages - 6 reasons you should travel now

No time to plan an itinerary? There are low-cost travel packages all over the Internet. Just make sure you find a reliable one or you’ll lose your hard-earned money.

3. Cheap Private Car Rentals

Cheap car rentals - 6 reasons you should travel now

If your trip only requires travel by land, you can rent a private car including the driver and the fuel for a very low price. Or you could hire your friend who owns a car. That’s an extra income and a free travel for him.

4. Cheap Souvenirs

Cheap souvenirs - 6 reasons you should travel now

I once bought 6 souvenir shirts for P500 only. I still had money left for souvenirs so I bought another 5 refrigerator magnets and 6 key chains for P200 only. Nonetheless, you should buy native products because it’s already a big help for the locals.

5. Cheap Activities

Cheap activities - 6 reasons you should travel now

There is so much to do and less money to spend in the Philippines. Just have patience to look for bargain packages. And don’t let the “commissioners” get into your nerves! Keep calm while they block and ask you a hundred times.

6. Cheap Accommodation

Cheap accommodations - 6 reasons you should travel now

If you are fond of planning your own trip, you have to spend a little more time looking for an inexpensive place to stay. There are so many choices out there, but how do you know which one makes you feel like home?

Where to find the perfect place to stay for your travel?

It’s easy to find to the perfect accommodation for your trip if you are on the right site. will let you explore the Philippines and search for lodgings with only a few clicks. It also lets you contact the owner without too much hassle.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now and start searching for the perfect place!

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